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Helping Peruvian Women Help Themselves


One of my favorite things about Peruvian Connection is a long and enduring commitment to our community of artisans. Since Annie’s first visit to Peru back in 1976, we’ve been proud to work with skilled craftswomen whose efforts are rewarded with good wages and clean, safe working conditions.

But sadly, these women are in the minority.

A staggering 70% of Peruvian women work in precarious conditions with low income and virtually no access to social benefits. Their best opportunity to earn money is to operate a small business. These women are willing to invest the long hours it takes to operate and grow their business, but without capital or training, survival is difficult … and success is rare.

Pro Mujer helps Peruvian women—and working women in Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Argentina—rise above the poverty line with access to micro-loans, basic business training and affordable healthcare services. We’re proud to support Pro Mujer Peru, a nonprofit organization that shares our philosophy of respect for other cultures, the fostering of artisan traditions, and ecological and economical sustainability.

If you’d like to help, you may make a tax-deductible donation to Pro Mujer on our site, or purchase a luxurious throw, the proceeds of which go directly to Pro Mujer. To learn more about Pro Mujer’s work, visit www.promujer.org.

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  1. I am so intriqued with your site and products.I am in the start up of a children’s knitted and felted hat business. I have received samples from Peruvian artistians for my felting but have not been completely pleased with the out come. Co you have suggestions that I might improve on the quality of the product and the results that I get when felted? I would appreciate any suggestions that I might receive to get my business up and going.
    Thank you, Phyllis

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