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The Witches Market


It is certainly relevant this time of year to entertain ideas of magic, divination, spirits and concoctions.  These may seem too dark or even silly for you but the witches of La Paz, Bolivia, and their patrons, take it quite seriously. 

Read more about the Witches Market of La Paz, Bolivia in our latest e-Newsletter.

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5 Responses to The Witches Market

  1. theseaygroup@yahoo.com' Susan says:

    I am unsure what The Witches Market has to with fashion. I am not entertained by thoughts of dark practices such as witchcraft. I have made note that your company is not only entertained with such practices, but also actively seeks to educate others about it as well. Since I have no desire to participate in this lesson or future lessons, I will excuse myself by unsubscribing to your email and catalog mailings.

  2. kkwoolf@yahoo.com' PC~Kellie says:

    I appreciate how strongly you feel about the topic. It is not our goal to teach or provide lessons in witchcraft but rather share the fascinating culture and heritage of the South American countries we love and respect. If you take a look at our Newsletters in the past you will find a variety of cultural events featured including Peru’s Easter and Christmas celebrations.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. gorterr77@hotmail.com' Terri says:

    Thank you PC for sharing about the different art & cultures from around the world via your e-newsletters. Although someone appeared to be offended by this particular article, please know that I was not. I think it is a wonderful part of your website and I look forward to reading about what you have to share from the variety of cultures you journey too. Thank you.

  4. m33guest@yahoo.com' Desdemona says:

    This article was culturally informative. I am happy to learn of the Bolivian way of herbal medicine. Wayne Dwyer talks about “intention” and these rituals are the means of showing commitment to a course of action. I do not like people who would use herbal methods or witchcraft to harm someone. I think that belief that a potion can help towards success may be just what someone from this culture needs.
    If there are herbs that keep fleas away and do the work of mothballs that would be relevant to fashion.

  5. Helena@yahoo.com' Helena says:

    I was saddened by the persecutory attitude of the woman who posted so negatively about the evocative and timely post on the indigenous ‘witch’s market’.
    She says she has made note…
    Well, then she should also make note that it is people’s constitutional rights to have freedom of religious beliefs, and that only recently pagans who have been brutally persecuted even when serving their country were finally honored, so that for the first time the Wiccan pentagram has been allowed to be placed on the tombstones of soldiers of pagan religious beliefs who gave their life defending the United States.
    Please keep up your interesting and romantic posts. Those of us who are artists, visionaries, individualists and romantics appreciate your creative voice – as well as your clothes. :)

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