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About Peruvian Connection

Since 1976, we’ve been dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of luxurious textile designs from all over the world. Every spring, fall and winter, we produce a new and entirely original collection of garments, including exquisite, one-of-a-kind art knits.

Every piece you’ll find in our catalogs and on our website is completely original and most are crafted exclusively for Peruvian Connection. Our in-house studio of talented designers creates everything from scratch—from the seasonal color palettes and custom dyes to the actual drawings and patterns themselves. These intricate knit and woven designs are then brought beautifully to life by highly skilled Andean artisans—craftswomen whose textile tradition goes back millennia. These gorgeous knit and woven pieces are made from luxury fibers native to the Andes—silky soft alpaca and Peruvian pima cotton. Although our core design inspiration springs from Peru, our varied collections celebrate ethnographic textiles from cultures all over the world.

The result is what you see here: some of the most exquisite handcrafted garments to be found anywhere on earth.

Welcome to Peruvian Connection.