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A Lost Art: Hand Embroidery


I have a weakness for hand-embroidery. It seems it has become a lost art among today’s industrialized manufacturing and usually reserved for larger textiles. However, my appetite for this small handicraft has been appeased by our uncommon collection of embroidered accessories.

Our artisans begin by hand-weaving the fabric base for all our embroidered jewelry. Then once the small patch of fabric is framed, an artisan carefully begins to hand-stitch the pattern onto the fabric. Some are graphic pre-Columbian tribal patterns and others employ the more floral Spanish Colonial motif. Often they are accented with beads but all designs use satiny pima cotton threads as their medium. The detail is so finite and perfect; everyone pulls you closer just to take a discerning look.

I like to wear them with my favorite sweater and jeans. They are also a beautiful finishing touch when heading out for a night on the town. Just be prepared to stop and allow for spectators!

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  1. mdoallas@aol.com' Maureen Doallas says:

    I am establishing a business, Transformational Threads, that licenses artists’ images for re-creation as hand-embroidered “thread paintings”. Currently, I am having samples made by artisans in Vietnam and hope to go into production before the end of the year. The thread paintings will be limited editions and themselves fine art. I hope to have my Web site up by the beginning of the new year.

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