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African Mud Cloth


As you may have already surmised, Annie is an enthusiastic and learned collector of textiles from around the world. Her passion for these windows on culture is contagious and so it is not surprising to find our design team pulling inspiration from textiles from around the globe. Such is the case with our Grand Bazaar Cardigan (pictured above).

The name was chosen to reflect the rich spicy hues present within Istanbul’s largest market. However, the motif design itself is from an African mud cloth pattern. Bogolanfini, which translates as "mud cloth", is a long established tradition that originated in central Mali. Hand-dyed mud cloth uses a centuries old process with numerous applications of various plant teas and mud to dye hand woven cotton cloth. Each piece tells a story and no two are alike. The symbols, arrangements and color reveal secrets to the trained eye. The designs also define a person’s social status, character or occupation. Mud cloth is an expression of Malian national identity and a symbol of belonging within the African Culture.

The Smithsonian Institution has created a fabulous site where you can create your own viritual Bogolanfini mud cloth. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to African Mud Cloth

  1. hdp_123@yahoo.com' Dana says:

    Very interesting! Thanks!

  2. boo.anderson@gmail.com' Alex says:

    A wonderful glimpse into the ethnic arts that underlie PC’s inspiration. Common Threads adds a whole new dimension to buying and wearing clothes!

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