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Interpreting India’s Beauty Into Knit


(A 19th Century Coverlet from Andhra Pradesh.)


(Our Shadow Blossom Skirt and Gilded Lily Kimono were inspired by the antique textile shown above.)

Beautiful textiles and crafts, vibrant religious festivals and a sensorial cuisine, Andhra Pradesh (situated on the south plateau of one of the oldest geological formations in India) offers some of the most indelible impressions of southern Asia.  Such rich cultural gifts cannot help but inspire and such was the case when one of our designers found an antique textile from that region. 

Our Shadow Blossom Skirt and Gilded Lily Kimono both share an ornamental array of botanical vines, flowers and peacocks as well as a striking star-floral medallion borrowed from the original textile.

Experience India’s lush beauty and culture for yourself with these stunning jacquard knit interpretations. 

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  4. That really is a beautiful textile. I love how you have recreated it. There is so much beauty all over Asia.

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