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PC’s Fall statement accessories


Often in nature, the bigger, the brighter and the bolder you are, the more you get noticed. This season we are going all out with BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD accessories that are sure to get you noticed!

BIG floppy hats and slouchy totes exude presence.Fotor0827153115

Ashbury Hat $359


Mila Handle Clutch $289

BRIGHT beads and pattern make outfits stand out.Fotor0827154018

Pastiche Necklace $129


Chavin Shoulder Bag $249

BOLD geometrics and pendants bring edge to the norm. Fotor082715504

Mercado Tote $49


Lobo Pendant $169

Following nature’s lead, while staying true to our Peruvian heritage, many of our Peruvian accessories are BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD, making a strong statement every time they are worn.Fotor0828150519

Chahuaytire Cuff $39


 Barranco Necklace $110
















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