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The Art of Crochet


The story of our hand crochet Mirabelle Dress begins in Peru, with four talented women.  It takes the four women five days to make just one dress, and countless hours of experience perfecting every tiny stitch.

Mirabelle bordered

One of the women has been crocheting for as long as she can remember, learning from her mother and grandmother.  Today this woman runs the hand crochet business in Peru that supplies our Mirabelle Dress (and many others!).  She finds crochet to be calming, because she is able to do most of it “without thinking too much… her hands just do the work.”

Mirabelle2 bordered

Today, she gets to enjoy doing what she loves and making sure this beautiful art form is carried on by future generations. She makes sure that the people she employees are educated in a wide variety of crochet stitches and techniques, so they too are able to make a living from doing it.  These wearable hand crochet pieces are more than fashion, they represent a cultural heritage, a lifelong passion, and a remarkable form of art.


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