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Cutting It Short

by guest blogger, Julie

Sometimes summer weather can be a little less SUNsational in the a.m. and p.m., yet it’s not enough brrr to make you want to bundle up whilst eating alfresco. So, what’s the perfect fit for this goosebump-provoking dilemma?  Thinking inside the box and covering up with a lightweight cropped jacket or cardigan, of course!

For many women C.R.O.P. preceding “jacket” is the worst four-letter word to ever leave one’s lips. But this nose-crinkling aversion is just a knee-jerk reaction to not knowing how to properly wear this figure flattering (YES! I said figure flattering) piece of apparel.

The most important key to keeping yourself from looking like a Jane-in-the-box when striving for shorter cut wraps, cardigans and jackets lies in one magical phrase…”Waist not, want not!”  When your Waist is not clearly defined, you’ll look more like a linebacker than a lady, and thus will not Want to wear said wrap.  Here’s some advice on how to keep everyone’s eyes on your hourglass and help you take command of the crop!

Proportion Control: Most cropped cover-ups tend to be on the less structured or boxy side, which means they add volume. And sometimes volume is not our friend. I said–SOMETIMES VOLUME IS NOT OUR FRIEND! Keep it under control by avoiding equally unstructured bottoms. You don’t have to reach for your pencil pants, but slimmer fits flatter much better in this situation, no matter your body type.PorportionControlBlog

Romana Jacket $299,  Mojave Pants $169 

Long Road to the Top:  Layering a longer-bodied top under your short-waist jacket not only will make you look taller but more lean as well. And no one ever hated that! Like slimmer fit pants, long-line tops will balance out the boxy and soften your silhouette, creating a more streamlined style.LongRoadtoTopBlog

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Accessory to Fashion: Whatever you do when wearing cropped, don’t commit the crime of carrying a petite purse, and at all costs avoid short statement necklaces. Instead, try accessories that add a little longevity to your outfit. For example, a lightweight summer scarf that is long enough to wrap the neck and hang down below the waistline, or build your biceps by lugging an oversized bag. These finishes to your outfit will keep you from being thrown off balance!AccessorieToFashionBlog

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With these 3 tidbits of solid silhouette advice, you’ll have no regrets about showing up to summer evening cocktails with bare shoulders: we guarantee you’ll be confident and comfortable in your cropped jacket!

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