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Details that Distinguish

by guest blogger, Julie Towner

All too often we think of “details” as over-the-top embellished garments more fitting for the “front-rowers” of Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. We merely hear the word detail and automatically our thoughts go to ultra-sculpted silhouettes loved by the likes of Lady Gaga, or ridiculous collars and sleeves that make it impossible to execute critical and basic daily functions like physically getting that Starbucks coffee to your lips without incident. And really ladies, who wants to walk down the street thinking they’re the height of fashion, when passers by are thinking you’re actually at the height of your mental collapse!

Let’s get hold of ourselves, my friends, and realize that the most dramatic detailing doesn’t actually mean compromising our comfort or sense of self awareness! The Ready-To-Wear from designers we know and love is elegantly oozing with details that make every outfit cherished and wearable.

What is it you love about that favorite piece in your closet? What makes that item so wear-worthy you can’t bear the thought of one day not having its comfort wrap around your body? I would venture to guess that more often then not, it’s the fabric, the perfectly constructed fit, or that one thing you just can’t put your finger on: guess what…you’re in passionate love with the details. And those details not only distinguish that favorite piece, but they also make every other piece by the designer so aspirational you’ve become a loyal brand buyer.

Some designers choose to focus on feel-good fabrics,while others use signature stitches or highly tailored silhouettes. Whatever the medium for making their styles speak, details tell stories of quality, luxury, and an obtainable opulence that makes the wearer beam with beauty.  

Painted Desert Cardigan, Desert Rose Pullover, Vintage Top

Painted Desert Cardigan, Desert Rose Pullover, Vintage Top

Peruvian Connection’s Spring 2014 line is focused on details that are refreshing, refined, and wearable,  giving every piece in our collection that kiss of quality that we’re known for.


THE PIECE: Callista Sheath

THE DETAILS: Rich Italian taffeta with a hint of sheen that ups its luxe. The expertly tailored gathered bodice adds an element that takes this piece from work to weekend with ease. Callista Sheath $279

THE PIECE: Split Back Tee

THE PIECE: Split Back Tee

THE DETAILS: The unexpected deep back vent and back-dip hem add edge without compromising elegance. Ultra soft pima blend offers a rich softness to the touch. Split Back Tee $49

THE PIECE: Painted Desert Cardigan

THE PIECE: Painted Desert Cardigan

THE DETAILS: Notched hem with picot trim and hand crocheted edges add just a hint of oomph to an already stunning collector’s piece. Painted Desert Cardigan $389

So next time you think details, don’t be frightened! Remember every subtle stitch and eye-popping peplum a la Alexander McQueen is a detail, a well-executed player in the way we feel about the clothes we keep in our closet.

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