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Going BROgue

by style contributor, Julie

Fashion is a massive merry-go-round of borrowing. It’s a field where original ideas are a farce, but repurposing is paramount. You’ve surely heard someone say, “If you hold on to that long enough it’ll be back in style.” And you must be aware that couture always seems to find itself on the fast fashion circuit of what we insiders call the “High Street”. So, with all this borrowing, trading, and inspired-by styling, what’s more often than not a lady’s most adored source of wardrobe restyling? Hold on to your pinstripes and pocket squares fellas: the fairer sex is Manning-Up and not so subtly stealing your style!

Borrowing from the boys is something we have loved doing for centuries. Case-in-point, high heels were actually invented so a MAN’s foot wouldn’t slip out of the stirrup whilst riding his horse into fierce battle…yup, our men once wore stilettos willingly, and they liked it! So, why do women go gaga over a guy’s apparel? It’s the almost anarchist juxtaposition of masculine power being perfectly married with ultra-soft femininity that make it such a sexy and sought after approach to dressing.

How, though, do you capture this elegant femininity that bares a bite?

1. Be a damsel in his dress…shirt that is: One of the most popular take-aways from the closet of the GQ’er is his crisp white button down. But why stop there? That traditional shirt can be reworked to better suit you. Give it a little length or play with patterns that are customarily manly. Give his dress shirt a little more darling!


Deco Plaid Shirtdress $249

2. Take back the man bag: So what! Sometimes the boys steal from us too, but there’s nothing wrong with taking back what was truly ours. The man bag has become a staple with the Wall Streeter and studious collegiate alike, and what they’ve done with the handbag has changed their worlds. With a little “lady” added back, we can capitalize on the utility without the fuss of a “too-fancy-to-carry-your-computer-in” bag.


Sutton Canvas Tote $159, Mila Handle Clutch $289

3. Posh up his plaids: We’re not advocating you wear those anti-social blah plaids made popular by ‘90’s grunge bands, but we are suggesting that with a little rework going from Lumber Jack to “Lumber-Just-Perfect” will be pretty easy.


Dakota Sheath $249, Artist’s Tunic $229

4. Chapeau of a Beau: Accessories are the easiest way to make a fashion statement without making a commitment. If you want to dip your toe into these uncharted waters, with the perk of concealing a possible undesirable hair situation, nothing says, “I’m channeling my inner alpha” more than a hat. Skip the flowers and anything that might read Derby and go more Diane Keaton.


Nolita Fedora $249, Bellamy Fedora $259

When you’re building your inventory for Fall, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by the Toms, Dicks and Harrys of the world…you’ll make it look even more extravagant anyway!

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