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Made in Peru. . . and Turkey and India and the USA

Our customers often ask if our products are made in Peru. The answer is yes, the great majority of our collection is in fact made in Peru, including all of our luxury fibre knitwear and pima jersey pieces.


Geneviève Dress $359,  Josephine Slip Dress $399

Some select pieces of our collection are made in other parts of the world. India, for example, is renowned for its intricate beadwork and China for its superior silk dresses.


Savoie Shearling Coat $3,500,  Film Noir Trench $650

We source our leathers and shearling in Turkey and Romania, and our jeans are made in Morocco and New York.


Manisa Cardigan $398

In short, we make our collection where it is best made. And most of the time that is in Peru.

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2 Responses to Made in Peru. . . and Turkey and India and the USA

  1. Lauriehossley@gmail.com' Laurie says:

    I love my clothes from Peruvian Connection. They are well made, attention to detail, and fashionable. I especially like the skirts, they go well with boots and shoes.

  2. loriraph@gmail.com' Lori Raphael says:

    I would like to know if you check your manufacturer’s working conditions. I would like to be assured that Peruvian Connection clothes are made by workers who are paid a fair wage and enjoy safe workplaces. What can you tell your customers about these issues?

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