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Please Remain Neutral

by guest blogger, Julie

There’s no question that black is the global beacon for chic, considered très jolie in any language. But aren’t we sick of being either so ultra posh that color can’t handle us, or experiencing such sensory overload when searching through our closet that black is our fall back? I know I am!

Summer is coming, my friends, and it’s time to push your black to the back and make room for the new shades of swank…its time to go NUDE!


Cropped Flamé Cardigan $118,  Panthera Sheath $218

Hues like blushes, tans, creamy nudes, and dove greys make some ladies shiver in their stilettos. Maneuvering into neutral territory to most means washed out, unexciting and unflattering.  Yes, this can be true if you’re not careful in the colors you choose,  but when executed correctly there’s nothing more inherently feminine, nothing more elegantly understated, than a good ‘ole buttery beige!

If you keep these helpful hints at the forefront, you’re sure to make your black blush with no problem at all!

  1. Go Ahead, Mix Your Lights and Darks: Always pick a pale that is opposite from your skin tone. If you’re fair, select a shade that’s several levels darker and vice versa. Contrast is key.
  2. Keep it in the Family:  If you love the all-over neutral look (which we do), be sure to not stray to far from your chosen color family. Beiges, Bronzes, and Nudes go swimmingly together…remember that!
  3. Don’t Fall Flat: Drama in your social life is a hassle but drama in your dressing is oh-so interesting. Adding texture is a tricky way to keep your nudes and blushes from going blah. So go ahead, “ruffle” some feathers.


Windswept Cardigan $118, Lace Racerback Tunic $169

We all know it’s an ultra-extravagant indulgence to drink a crisp, jumping-with-bubbles champagne, but what’s even more decadent is a champagne that’s very well worn. It’s never been so luxurious to remain neutral!

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