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Smooth Transition: Curating your Closet for the Cold

by fashion contributor, Julie

Some fear change, others embrace it, but we can all agree that the shifts in the seasons can leave our closets a little more than confused. There’s nothing more heart sinking than staring hopelessly at hangers draped with all “wrong” garments.

This irrational fear of what the temperamental transitional weather will bring is real and affects even the strongest and most stylish of us. There is a cure, ladies: there is a way to perfectly curate your closet and make the not so stellar “in between” time much more bearably beautiful!

DO Play HIDE and seek
Investing in a creamy smooth, supple, light leather jacket is not only a timelessly chic way to update your wardrobe, it’s the perfect all year piece that can never be over worn.


Mirador Suede Jacket on sale at $349, Toscana Peplum Jacket on sale at $299

DO Get deep
There’s no need to completely press the mute button on all your colors when the weather starts to wither. Pick rich plums and navies, or any jeweltone that pleases your eye.


Due East Cardigan $229, Wenona Tunic on sale at $72

DO Mix your maxies
Toss the sandals and flip-flops sister! Bougie-up your summer maxi dresses with a pair of boots. AND if you want to make those maxies last all year long, learn to layer them!


Fade Away Maxidress on sale at $199, Puno Tank Dress on sale at $149

DO the 50/50
Don’t be afraid to split the difference and wear a summer weather piece with a fall favorite. Think layering a simple tank dress with a bold and cozy cardi.


Kiri Cardigan $159, Tribal Vest $169

DO DO DO Scarf-up all the accessories you can
And by accessories we mean scarves! Swaddle your neck in silks, luxe pimas, and any other fabric you deem necessary of a face nuzzle. Not only will you be perfectly hip and flawlessly finished, you’ll also feel cool, calm, and collected wrapped in non-stop comfy.


Illyria Scarf $99,  Blue Horizon Scarf $99

Fearing the time where summer meets fall is no longer needed. Sure, all transitions can be awkward, but wearing what tickles your fancy is the best ‘Do’ of all, and it will ensure that you’ll look fabulous through the change!

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