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Knockin’ Round the Southwest


The bold graphics and carefree vibes of the Southwest were the perfect embodiment of our Spring 2014 collection, so we packed up and headed to Arizona!  The hot, sunny days in the desert were punctuated by glistening lakes (yes, believe it or not!), whimsical plants (more than a few of us experienced the attack of the “leaping cactus”), enticing legends of lost gold and mountains that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

arizona lost dutchmen

Whether you’re the adventurous dive-right-in type or the relaxed observer, the Lost Dutchman’s State Park should not be overlooked.  You’ll feel like you’re in a Dr. Seuss tale as you wind through trails overlooking whispy, cartoonish cacti and shrubbery.  And then out of nowhere—bam!  The Superstition Mountains jet up from the desert terrain, looming closer than anything to the blazing sun.  Maybe you’ll even stumble upon the infamous Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine…or at least hear one of the many tales surrounding the lost gold.


Just around the corner from the Park, you’ll discover a theatric ghost town—complete with real cowboys and all.  Have a gander at the 175 year old Saguaro cactus that stands in the center of the town, or wet your whistle at one of the old-timey saloons.  If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of the train winding its way across the vast terrain.

arizona lake2

If you need a break from the constant dryness, you can drive a couple hours outside Phoenix to Lake Watson—a sparkling oasis of water right in the middle of the desert!

arizona lake

Temperatures were magically lower near the lake (a welcome relief after a few days of roasting in the sun).  We battled fierce winds—and even lost one of our hats in the bottom of the lake—but that’s not typical.  The gorgeous glacial-looking rock formations and glistening water were well worth the journey!


By night, we explored the historic, art-lined streets of Scottsdale, soaking up the culture with a burrito in one hand and a margarita in the other!  Our entire crew was wowed by The Herb Box, founded by a local chef-duo.  We couldn’t keep away!  They didn’t miss a beat—amazingly creative FRESH food (with fabulous vegetarian options!), inviting yet posh décor, breezy open-air patios and delicious, unique drinks developed by a local mixologist.  What else could you ask for? …How about a live band playing on the patio?  Yes please!

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5 Responses to Knockin’ Round the Southwest

  1. Thank you, for always sharing the beautiful photos from your travel web shoots. I am unable to see these places for myself but feel I am there because of your talented crew. I have followed along for years with the gorgeous catalogs even before web sites and used a lot of the sunlit locations for my attempts at painting. They also give me such quiet happiness hope that doesn’t sound strange! I am now 78 years young and have been a customer for many years. Have even put money aside in order to own a sweater or two as a work of art. They ate keepers. I have granddaughters who say Grandma, put my name on that one. Again, my sincere thanks. Rose slattery

  2. lwpeters@unr.edu' Linda Peterson says:

    Such a lovely video for Spring 2014!! Is is possible to order from this collection? If so, how. All I see is the video. Thanks, Linda

  3. cmrebich@yahoo.com' Cissy says:

    I am very disappointed in Peruvian Connection. As a long-time customer and avid fan of these beautiful clothing items, I see that you no longer offer long skirts and long dresses in both long and shorter lengths. I am 5′ 4.5″ and my inseam measure is 28″. There is not one skirt or long dress in the entire Spring 2014 catalogue that I can wear. Even if I wished to pay a hefty sum to have the items shortened, most of them cannot be altered because they are knit. Peruvian Connection previously offered long skirts and long dresses in two lengths to accommodate women with shorter legs, but I see you no longer do that.
    I am truly disappointed.

    • m_norman01@yahoo.com' Melissa says:

      We truly value all the feedback our customers are willing to share, and I will ensure that your comments are forwarded to our Design Team for future consideration.

    • razi.3@juno.com' jamp says:

      These are truly the same words I would have used to express the same complaint. Because some of the dresses and skirts are so short now they might work, but for the most part you are forgetting a whole group of woman who love your clothes and we have to pass on buying.

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