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Such a Beautiful Sole

by style contributor, Julie

It’s time for us to address an issue that we run into every time we début a new season’s collection.  Before the skinny spin gets cracked and the hot-off-the-press catalog ink has dried, the phones in our customer care center begin to ring off the hook…what’s the voice on the other end uttering most? “Where can we get those SHOES?!?!”

We’re ready to spill our stylist’s secret and let you in to the wonderful world of what we put on our models’ feet.  The outfit may be the main course, but every ensemble needs a little BAM of seasoning à la Emeril Lagasse to “kick it up a notch” and feed the fashion sole…

This season we had the pleasure of pulling from brands like Marc Jacobs, Freebird, and L’Autre Chose just to name-drop a few. Here are 3 of our favorites – AND for the cherry on top, we’ve even provided you the perfect alternative shoe just in case you are curious about some not-so-funky footwear styling.

The Jeffrey Campbell:

This season we’ve channeled our inner super chic rock star. What better way to set off a pair of leather-like black jeans than with a pair of chunky heeled rocker boots with metal buckles! (Shopbop.com) http://goo.gl/oRcXzGpage1SoleBut if these bad girl boots are a little to 1980’s Hair Band for you, then don’t be afraid to trade in the chuck heel for a stiletto and knock off a buckle or two.  Jeffrey Campbell Belair Boot (Neiman Marcus) http://goo.gl/rPokwaScreen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.15.09 AM

The L’Autre Chose

We’ll never leave our rustic roots, which is why we picked this buttery brown ankle- hitting bootie. They’re the perfect wear-with-all pair, but the low riding ankle cut keeps them up-to-date. (yoox.com) http://goo.gl/IiVdMapage2Sole

If you’re digging something that’s more of a tall drink of water, there’s no way you can go wrong with a just-to-the-knee almost edible chocolate classic boot. Not only will they be the only pair of boots you need for the season, they’ll make your legs look a country mile long! L’Autre Chose Tall Boot (stylebop.com) http://goo.gl/pDs1i8Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.16.50 AM

The Freebird

Borrowing from the boys is never a bad idea.  And the juxtaposition of a big bulky boot and a lovely lady says “Yeah, I raided your closet, and guess what, sir…I wear it better than you.” (Nordstrom) http://goo.gl/bHOQZYFotor0721105454Or if you’re more of a buttoned-up beauty that prefers just a hint of him in your wardrobe, you might want to sub the super boot for something a little less biker boy. Freebird Saddle Boot (Steve Madden) http://goo.gl/fFP1HEshotlastsole

Now go forth my lovers of shoes and don’t forget to ALWAYS let your soles shine!

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9 Responses to Such a Beautiful Sole

  1. bishopsmith@att.net' Janet says:

    Thanks Julie!
    What about the boots that are shown with the beautiful Fiorentina skirt? They remind me of a pair of Italian boots that I wore out long ago and need to replace. Thanks!

    • sudlow@peruvianconnection.com' PCAmy says:

      Hi Janet, The lace up boots with the Fiorentina Skirt are made by H. By Hudson. They’re very comfortable and versatile!

  2. cainle@aol.com' Laura Cain says:

    What are the boots on Page 32 of the Fall 2014 catalog?

  3. veronda.wicks@gmail.com' VeRonda says:

    Hi! Just cracked open the November 2014 issue. I am all over the black, leather boots (cream/ivory heel and sole) on p. 51, styled with the Bergama Cardian. Where, oh where, can I get them? Thank you!!

    • sudlow@peruvianconnection.com' PCAmy says:

      Hello VeRonda, those boots are are by Belle by Sigerson Morrison. They are a couple years old though so may be hard to find. Happy shopping!

  4. veemashah@hotmail.com' Veema says:

    Hi, just got your November 2014 catalogue and as usual your choice in shoes/boots is exquisite. Where did you get the boots on p.44 (3/4 tan leather ones) and also on p.38 (knee black leather)? I wish wish wish you sold boots too!

  5. carina.ray@gmail.com' CRay says:

    In the winter 2014 catalogue, p. 20, Picture B — what is the style name and designer of the pair of black boots paired with the Jasmine Sweater Dress? Thanks!

  6. Rosestillarose@gmail.com' Robin says:

    Thanks so much for giving these sources. I’m interested in the lace edged socks seen peeking out above boots on PP 18 & 41. Please?

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