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High Turnover: Transition your Closet to Spring

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By style contributor, Julie

At the transition of every season, the same blogs and Pinterest boards pop up regarding what to stock up on while waiting for the weather to change. Inciting a doomsday sense of urgency, you feel the need to hunker down in the nearest retail outlet until you find the perfect pieces to replace what you wore in the winter. Once the initial wave of purchasing panic has passed, you stand in front of your filled-to-the-brim closet, shopping bags dangling from your arms and wonder ‘WHERE IS ALL THIS STUFFING GOING TO GO?’

Here are our 4 steps to taming the closet chaos, and weeding out your wardrobe.

1. It’s a Head Game: In one of my many lives, I was a professional stylist and helped women get their closets in shape. The biggest roadblock for every woman was being mentally able to detach themselves from their clothes. No matter how unflattering, ill-fitting or out-of-date items were, women would hang onto them with a death grip. A little tough love and a tear or two later, the realization set in that parting doesn’t have to be such sweet sorrow, but more of a liberating and cathartic experience, and ladies were dominating their donation pile! Once you prepare yourself for purging, this process will become easier and even enjoyable. *Expert Tip: if it doesn’t fit today, don’t count on it fitting tomorrow!

2. Be a Giver: Unless something is thread-worn or stained, DONATE IT! Knowing your clothes are going to someone who really needs them not only makes it easier to say goodbye, it gives you the opportunity to give back to your community. Pick an organization you’re passionate about and let ‘em have it! And forget that excuse “I don’t have time to drop my things off” or “My haul is too heavy.”  Call the organization and 9 times out of 10, they’ll send someone to pick up your donation. *Expert Tip: get those items out of your house ASAP! The longer they sit in your livingroom, the more you’ll be tempted to rescue items you were unsure about.

3. The Good of the Group: Once your closet is free and clear of what I call white noise, it’s time for the easiest of the entire closet conditioning tasks. We only wear about 30% of what is housed in our closet –  to up this percentage and give you a fighting chance at sporting all your items, group them. Not only will grouping your closet by color, sleeve length, and style make it easier to get more pieces back in rotation, putting your clothes away won’t be as daunting! *Expert Tip: organizing your shoes in the same fashion will achieve the same result while upping your outfit ante.

4. Round It Out with a Recap: You’ll notice that while on this journey to Closet Mecca, you’ll rediscover long lost pieces you forgot you had, become inspired by new outfit pairings, and find there may indeed be some key items missing from your repertoire. Put the rediscovered pieces in appropriate places in your closet so you’ll wear them. Take pictures of new outfit inspirations so you don’t forget. Make a list of all the items that you think might be missing. *Expert Tip: stop before you shop! Do this step before you open your coin purse and you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save on things you never wear!

In closet conclusion, everyone loves something shiny and new, but when you get your head in the game and become a giver for the good of the group, seasonal transitions won’t be so terrifying. Maintaining order will become second nature and your checkbook could become fatter.

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