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Humble Beginnings


Sometimes dusting off relics from the past can be a satisfying way to appreciate the present. It allows you to see the journey from a new perspective.  Back in the day (32 years ago to be specific), Annie and her mother Biddy began their small artisan-made alpaca sweater business from their own kitchen table. Inspired by Annie’s anthropology research on women in the Andean marketplaces of Peru, they created a small catalog with Annie doing everything from designing, modeling, photography and writing the copy, while Biddy took care of the packaging and shipping of orders and managing the growing rolodex of potential customers. 

The above image is an insert from their 1980 digest-size catalog.  Penned entirely by Annie, the "Field Sketches" style of this page looks as if it could have been inspired by the journal of Hiram Bingham himself, a nod to Annie’s own anthropology background. 

To read more about how Peruvian Connection began, click here.

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5 Responses to Humble Beginnings

  1. pfeifer178@gmail.com' teresa says:

    I like the catalog and noticed the prices were higher that, for instance, J.Jill, but tried to console myself that your factory workers were working with dignity and a liveable wage. Is that true?

  2. woolf@peruvianconnection.com' pc~Kellie says:

    Hi Teresa! Thank you for posting. You bring up an excellent point that we are proud to discuss. Read about our Fair Trade beliefs here:

  3. babysoft1022@aol.com' Ashlie says:

    Yes, prices are on the higher side vs a catalog like JJill or Garnet Hill but not only are fair trade beliefs practiced the look of the clothing can’t be found anywhere else. I love the loom of the fabrics and I’m glad I’ve found Peruvian Connection.

  4. wendy.fraser@gmail.com' Wendy Fraser says:

    I’m really happy to hear about the FairTrade policy; I’ve been buying the clothes and jewellery for years and thought it was rather pricey but the original style and feel of the soft cotton in fabrics were irresistible when it came to a new piece of clothing. My friend recently asked me if my stuff was Fairtrade and I was interested in finding out – I thought it might be. It’s my kind of giving for charity now to buy genuinely beautiful garments at a little extra to help other women in their lives. This makes my clothes and jewellery feel as good as they look when I wear them. My friend said he likes my clothes even more that he knows they are ethical. So we’re both happy.

  5. ldm1075@yahoo.com' Larry says:

    I first bought something from PC in a small shop in Lawrence, Kansas. How long ago?

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