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Style Shrink: Peel Back the Layers

by guest blogger, Julie

In the fall and winter, there’s nothing nicer to beat the brrrr than slathering yourself in toasty layers of comfy cover-ups, superbly soft sweaters, mile long scarves, and any other garment your frame can manage, sans toppling over.  You see, in those not-so-sunny seasons, our kryptonite is cold and the only mortal combat we have is to get cozy! But what if you want that same security of style in the Spring and Summer? After all, who said less is more, and pardon us, Ms. Coco Chanel, but sometimes we don’t want to take off one accessory before we leave the house! Layers make us feel as though we’ve completed the masterpiece that is our outfit, as if we’ve put the finishing touches on what would otherwise be a blah expression of who we are to the world! No worries ladies, you don’t have to sacrifice style just because it’s sizzling outside!

Here are four easy tips to help lighten your layers and keep you looking like an effortless ingénue and less like an overly-fashioned melting mama.

Call in the Lightweights! Lush, lightweight fabrics can be layered all day long. Super supple pima cottons can help a girl breathe, not to mention these lightweights lend themselves well to thought-free, gorgeous draping that flatters every figure.white

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Find Your Prints! Everyone reaches for the neutrals, which trust me, is natural…it’s safe! But if you’re willing to cause a little outfit commotion, an interestingly patterned piece layered with light neutrals will make ‘em gasp in glory!


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“Successorize” Yourself! We’re no stranger to the phrase “Go Big or Go Home” and when it comes to your Spring/Summer layering strategy, don’t ignore the almighty accessory. Keep it simple with your apparel, but adding some chunk with a necklace, bag or bracelet can mean the difference between chic success and a fashion fumble.



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Don’t Blow Things Out of Proportion! No one wants to look like they’re wearing their father’s “Too Big For You” clothes. Try to maintain a clean, streamlined look for warm weather. If you love wide legs it’s probably better to steer clear of that tent-like top and vice versa.


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So now that you know the 4 rules of  warm weather layering, go forth, my friends and don’t be afraid to lay it on thick!



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