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Knit Tips: Caring for Your Sweaters


Each Peruvian Connection sweater is an investment of time, materials and a bit of love. Knowing this, we think that caring for your sweaters is just as important as seeking them out and falling for them in the first place. Once you find the sweater you’ve been seeking, keep these tips in mind to keep your knit in tip-top shape.

Removing Pills

Sweater pilling is caused by friction, which could mean something as simple as your arm repeatedly brushing against your side. To remove these inevitable pills, use a sweater shaver to safely trim them away without damaging the sweater’s main fibers.

Cleaning Correctly

Sweaters needn’t be washed after each wear, but they will likely need to be cleaned every now and then. Always follow the label’s laundering guidance, and take these tips into account:

  • Always use cool water whether hand washing or using your machine, since warm or hot water can cause wool fibers to shrink.
  • Use a mild soap like our Luxury Fibre Wash, which has a natural, non-toxic formula that maintains the garment’s natural lanolin and oils.
  • Never use chlorine bleach.
  • Don’t wring or twist your sweater—press gently instead to remove any excess water.
  • Dry flat on a towel after smoothing out any wrinkles and seams.

Storing Smartly

First, forget using hangers: sweaters shouldn’t be hung up, as their weight will tug down on the hanger and leave you with a misshapen knit. Ideally, you would store any hand-knit or hand-loomed sweater flat, but you can fold or roll your knits for nearly crease-free storage that will help retain their shape.

If you’ll be storing your alpaca or wool sweaters, be sure to do some mothproofing: most dry cleaners will offer this service, but you can ward off bugs by first cleaning your items and then storing them in clothing storage bags (rather than plastic containers, which can cause mildew) with sachets of lavender or cedar blocks included.

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