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Father’s Day: Bigger & Better

Men's Pima Cotton Polo

Here in America, we’re always thinking about size. The bigger, the better. You know, the Empire State Building, the Mighty Mississippi, the Giant Redwoods, the Great Plains. I noticed the other day that the Hungry Man brand of TV dinners now come in size XXL.

And speaking of men, no one looms larger on our pop culture landscape this month than Dad. Advertisers, from tire-makers to cellular phone purveyors, seek our ear and our buying impulses, so we can demonstrate to our fathers that they are indeed biggest and best in our respective families.

And when it comes to Father’s Day, we’re not just in Kansas anymore—we share our celebration of “the big guy” the third Sunday in June with 40 countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, including Japan, the UK and Peru. Germany is a notable exception, observing no similar family-oriented event for their “Vaters.” (Instead, the men literally take a hike. They get together to walk and pull along a beer or wine wagon for refreshment. If you think I’m kidding, look up Herrentag—Gentlemen’s Day.)

So, here’s the deal. We’d love for you to share with us your yarns about dad. Think Dustin Hoffman. No, not about big noses. About “Hero” tributes and your own “Little Big Man” moments. (And, of course, if dad was wearing one of our shirts at the time, all the better, wink!)

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