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Jacqueline Revisited


Did you know that the characters of Rob and Laura Petrie (as portrayed by Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore) on the classic TV series "The Dick Van Dyke Show" were modeled after President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie? The Laura Petrie character in particular wore Jackie-style clothing and hairdo! There’s no doubt that Jacqueline Kennedy influenced her times and the iconic look of the early 60’s still finds a following today.

Mimicked on runways to bridge-line retail markets, the mod cropped jacket has charmed a new generation this year. The alluring style is usually tailored from thick textured fabric with wide 3/4 sleeves, big buttons and feminine silhouette…nearly identical to the originals. The 3/4-sleeve length may cause concern in regards to it’s pracicality during winter months.  However, the solution always presents itself in the form of dramatic long gloves, then and now.

Capture the spirit of Jacqueline Kennedy (or Laura Petrie) with these iconic styles:

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