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Leather: An Enduring Trend

According to Women’s Wear Daily a big trend for Autumn is leather – again!  This enduring product has outfitted the desperados of the Old West, protected our flyboys in open cockpits, defined "cool" on the backs of Marlon Brando and James Dean, and strutted down designer runways during Olympus Fashion Week. Leather apparel is undoubtedly infused our culture with a rebel spirit and rock and roll bravado, but leather has many faces. It can be dressed up for a stroll down 5th Avenue or roughed up to fix barbed wire on the ranch.  The question then becomes, "Which face are you today?"

Fortunately, no matter your mood, the go-anywhere elegance of our Treviso Leather Coat can be casual, professional or formal in the indulgent velvety softness of New Zealand lamb leather.  So consider the lasting beauty of an iconic leather garment this season for yourself and tap into this recurring thrend.

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