April 8, 2009 Join PC in support of women’s health programs

Fashion for a Cause 2009

A benefit for Truman Medical Centers Women’s Health Programs

April 26 at the Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO

Enjoy highlights from our Spring collection and take a sneak peek at some of our Fall fashions.

Attend Fashion for a Cause, and receive a $25 off coupon for any purchase of $75 or more during May at the KC Peruvian Connection store!

Buy tickets now

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March 12, 2009 Spring Green-up

Llamasmp2At Peruvian Connection, we’ve been green since our start in 1976. Utilizing sustainable, eco-friendly resources, such as alpaca and Peruvian pima cotton, our designs are produced by some of the finest artisans in South America. We work with traditional cottage industries in Peru, which have a serious commitment to fair pay and the best possible working conditions (read more on our Fair Trade beliefs…) 


Tips for greening your closet as well as stretching your budget:

* Donate or re-sell old clothing to keep it out of landfills. If you choose to re-sell, eBay offers a program where the proceeds of your auction go directly to charity (read more…) In today's economy, more and more households are relying on thrift stores to meet their needs.  Textiles that can't be sold by the thrift stores can be recycled (read more…)


* Shop with a plan. You’ll get more use out of a piece that looks great on you. Ask yourself: What colors work best on me? What fits are the most flattering? How will the piece work with everything else in my closet? Is it a high quality item that will last me several seasons?


* Love your luxury fibers. Whatever you’ve chosen, take good care of it. When you get home, change out of work wear. Learn how to sew a button back on, and get the name of a local tailor or seamstress for major repairs and alterations.


* Hand wash rather than dry clean when possible. We suggest using Fine Fibres hand-washing liquid whenever you can. If you must dry clean, see if there’s a local green dry cleaner employing “wet cleaning” or liquid CO2 techniques.


* Wash only when you have a full laundry load. Turn articles inside out and use the lowest temperature possible. Choose phosphate-free and biodegradable detergents, and line dry as much as possible. Treat stains quickly with nontoxic removers. If you’re buying a new washing machine, look for one with an Energy Star label.

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February 20, 2009 A famous face visits our DC store

Susan_E_Rice_1While we're still hoping for a visit from Michelle Obama, we were very happy to be squeezed into the busy schedule of new Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice: 
"…the no-nonsense Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, swept into the flagship store of ethnic luxe Peruvian Connection, right next door to Ford's Theatre in downtown Washington, DC…"  read more of UK Telegraph blog

We still have a Berber Heart Necklace in stock for you, Michelle!

Read more about First Lady Michelle Obama in the March issue of  Vogue.

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February 16, 2009 A cardigan fit for winter in Wisconsin

IMG_0462crop  As the 2008 Fall and Winter season comes to an end, the excitement for another great season awaits us for 2009.  Weeks ago, the art team, design team and Annie all met at Canaan Farm in Tonganoxie, Kansas to kick-off the new 2009 Fall and Winter season.  Here we begin discussions on the upcoming collection, encompassing all of the finer details such as cuffs on jackets to the more broad aspects such as finding locations for our photo shoots and developing initial catalog layouts. 

Being the Wisconsin native that I am, I check the five-day forecast to see what the weather will be like during my visit to Tonganoxie.  As nice as it appeared to be, the 45-60 degree days did not make me want to bring my cold weather apparel.  Besides, I have been more accustomed to the frigid 20 degree and below zero days.  A 45-degree day is referred to a “heat wave” in my part of the country.   So as the weather was predicted, I left the warm, fuzzy sweaters at home in Wisconsin. 

 Upon my arrival to Canaan Farm, I quickly find myself chilled by the unexpected weather change.  Of course, my counterparts Amy S and Annie were bundled up in their Frascati Cardigans from the 2008 Winter Collection.  They looked so warm and comfortable!  Not to mention they were complemented by their hip, yet stylish skinny jeans, black tees and boots.  What was I thinking…not to bring my warm fuzzy?  I took notice of the cardigan they were wearing because it was a great buy in the winter catalog and now it was ON SALE!  I did have the boots, jeans and a white tee to match them, but no cardigan.  As my body temperature continued to cool and before I got too cold, I placed an order for the warm cardigan.  A staff member from our order center brought me my cardigan within the hour.   The three of us proceeded with our discussions in style, comfort and most importantly, warmth.  An unpredicted cold day in Tonganoxie, Kansas could not stop us from completing our project.

 Now that I’m back in Wisconsin, the cardigan has been a hit!  All my girlfriends, even my mother, love it and want to know where they can get one of their own.  Peruvian Connection, I say…and the best part about the cardigan is the little suede elbow patches.  They remind me of what I saw on Mr. Roger’s cardigans years ago when I was a kid.  The suede elbow patches cannot exactly be seen very well in the catalog or on the website, but they are there and it does put them a few steps higher than the typical boyfriend cardigan I am used to seeing.  And of course, it is super soft like all my other Peruvian Connection sweaters, made from a cozy combination of royal llama and wool…nothing like any other wool sweaters. –Krista C


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February 10, 2009 Flower Power: Spring Sneak Peek

P.130004 February in Kansas is a time of transition, teasing us with the occasional 70 degree day, then plunging back into the depths of winter.  For some Kansans (mostly teens and twenty-somethings), the warm weather brings a premature debut of camisoles, flip flops and shorts.  For others, it makes us want to work the bare soil more than to show some bare skin. 

I mull over the latest and greatest offerings from the seed companies and am P.130001 tempted by the amazing blue color of a Himalayan Blue Poppy, but since it is as inappropriate in Kansas as flip flops in February, I settle for new varieties of Asiatic Lilies, among other things.  After placing my online order, I wait patiently for warmer weather and the first few spring blooms poking up from the soil.   

I look forward to coming out of winter hibernation by dressing in the lighter, brighter colors of spring and occasional florals. This year, spring fever will be even harder to bear, since PC's spring catalog won't be available until mid March.  In the meantime, here is a glimpse of some of PC's springy floral offerings:

P.130003 P.130007
P.130008 P.130011
P.130010 P.130009

If you are as impatient as I am, here are a few spring flowers that are available now:
Peony Bed Cardigan
Floating Lotus Cardigan
Floral Lacework Tunic 
Handknit Jolie Cardigan
Malaya Cardigan
Violeta Dress

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