November 7, 2007 Jacqueline Revisited


Did you know that the characters of Rob and Laura Petrie (as portrayed by Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore) on the classic TV series "The Dick Van Dyke Show" were modeled after President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie? The Laura Petrie character in particular wore Jackie-style clothing and hairdo! There’s no doubt that Jacqueline Kennedy influenced her times and the iconic look of the early 60’s still finds a following today.

Mimicked on runways to bridge-line retail markets, the mod cropped jacket has charmed a new generation this year. The alluring style is usually tailored from thick textured fabric with wide 3/4 sleeves, big buttons and feminine silhouette…nearly identical to the originals. The 3/4-sleeve length may cause concern in regards to it’s pracicality during winter months.  However, the solution always presents itself in the form of dramatic long gloves, then and now.

Capture the spirit of Jacqueline Kennedy (or Laura Petrie) with these iconic styles:

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November 6, 2007 Coat or Dress or Both!


About two years ago the classic women’s trench coat was resurrected and design houses began offering it in shorter lengths and in a rainbow of colors and fabrics. When I saw Sienna Miller’s coat (above) it reminded me that the charm of a shorter, dress-length coat is that it instantly becomes less of a piece of outerwear, that covers your trendy style beneath, and more of the style statement itself! When you wear a fabulous coat that drapes like a dress you are lent immediate versatility. You can wear them with skinny jeans and boots for the casual city-look as Sienna has, or wear it WITH a dress or AS a dress with tights and your favorite heels. Either look is flattering and certainly timeless.

My favorite dress-coat, similar to the stylish outerwear option that Sienna is wearing, is our Gathered Back Coat. It shares the same spirit in the back with gathers that fall from the waist while maintaining a flattering narrow silhouette in the front. It’s everything I want for this season: The perfect blend of quality fabric and tailoring with the refined style of a 7th Avenue dress-coat. I feel prettier already!

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November 5, 2007 Biddy Hurlbut: 1926 – 2007

Biddy Hurlbut, Peruvian Connection co-founder

Biddy Hurlbut, Annie’s mother, was not only the co-founder and owner of Peruvian Connection but also the very heart and soul. We sadly lost her this year and while we miss our beloved Biddy we are comforted by the heart-felt condolences, fond memories and shared emotions expressed to us from friends and customers.

This thread is for her.

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October 31, 2007 Knitting: Lessons Learned

My first scarf!

(Right – My first scarf!)

If you are like me, after browsing through the beautiful array of art-knits offered at Peruvian Connection, you may become inspired to make something for yourself. I have some hard learned "purls" of wisdom for the new knitter:

Beginner Knitting Tip #1: Make a scarf. A scarf is a practical first choice because one size fits all and it becomes useful in a short amount of time. It’s a low-risk way to hone basic stitches and experiment with new ones as you develop your skill. I recommend a skinny scarf in a stockinnette stitch.

Beginner Knitting Tip #2: Knit something for yourself first. It’s inspiring to wear your own handiwork. Once you’re hooked, you’ll produce more than enough scarves (or hats, or socks) for your friends and relatives.

Beginner Knitting Tip #3: Choose yarn you love. You’ll be looking at it for a long time. Buying cheap yarn to "practice" with is fine but choose spectacular yarn for your project and you will stay motivated and actually wear what you make.

Beginner Knitting Tip #4: Heed this cautionary tale. A friend asked a yarn store clerk to help her pick out the perfect yarn for her first scarf project. When she got to the register with two lovely skeins, her bill was over $70! She was too embarrassed to tell the enthusiastic clerk she no longer wanted it.

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October 30, 2007 The Witches Market


It is certainly relevant this time of year to entertain ideas of magic, divination, spirits and concoctions.  These may seem too dark or even silly for you but the witches of La Paz, Bolivia, and their patrons, take it quite seriously. 

Read more about the Witches Market of La Paz, Bolivia in our latest e-Newsletter.

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