September 19, 2007 Nothing Less Than Perfection

Black Magic DressOccasionally, when first browsing the pages of a new collection, I fail to notice immediately a fabulous design hidden between more attention-grabbing styles. However, not to be outdone nor remain quiet any longer is our Black Magic Dress from our Fall 2007 collection. It is unusual to find one design that works for all sizes and yet is as refined and alluring as it is flattering and comfortable.

I normally wear a dress size of 12 so according to the size chart I would wear a size Large in this style. When I put on this dress I was first taken with the ease and coolness of the gown as it swept over me, but I was unprepared for what came next. As I looked into the mirror I became…enchanting. I can think of no better word for it. I felt elegant and beautiful. What a gift! For, as women, we are accustomed to our own critical view of ourselves and it may take many attempts in front of the mirror to appease our own insecurities, no matter how unjustified they may be. However, for me, it is a rare moment indeed when a smile is so immediate and my own approval audible.

This design is nothing less than perfection. Our brilliant designer Donna is the creator of this original silhouette and her concept was to create an elegant, eye-fetching dress wearable for every season on every body. I can personally affirm…whatever magic this particular design possesses…we are all lovelier for it!

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Pirates of the Caribbean

If you happen to see Disney’s summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End you will know that core to the movie’s plot-line is the Spanish currency and fantasy pirate relic known as Pieces of Eight. Pieces of Eight were Spanish coins used primarily in the 17th-19th centuries and represented eight of Spain’s small common denomination, the Reale. It was not uncommon to cut "pieces" of the coin off as payment since they were made of pure silver and did not lose their value even when offered in pieces.

Pieces of Eight bracelet

We are featuring our own epic version of this historical coin in our Autumn 2007 catalogue. The Pieces of Eight Bracelet offers six life-size replicas of the coin, each uniquely cast and accurate to the tiniest detail. You too can experience the intrigue of a pirate’s treasure or simply own a museum quality accent. Regardless your motive….ye may have ta keep a watch out for thieven scurvy knaves!

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September 17, 2007 The Mask of Zorro

Tetlapaya Hacienda, site of our Fall 2007 catalog photo shoot

The old hacienda that served as the backdrop for The Mask of Zorro also served as the backdrop for our Fall 2007 photo shoot. Literally out in the middle of nowhere, Tetlapaya Hacienda had all the rustic charm and colonial character for a perfect shoot.

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Subtle Shine – Viscose

361149_dirx So you think you are ready for a little more pizzazz in your wardrobe but not quite ready for sequins and glitter? Then I have the fiber for you. Viscose rayon is a synthetic fiber produced from cellulose (wood pulp) and began long ago as a quest for an artificial silk. It took almost two centuries of trial and error until finally in 1855 fibers were made from a mixture of mulberry twigs and nitric acid. Fast forward to today; Viscose has become a favorite among designers for its versatility, subtle shine and ability to absorb amazing color.

Lift your wardrobe this season with a touch of viscose from our Autumn 2007 collection:

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