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Fall 2013 Inspiration

The Fall 2013 collection features delicate floral prints, rich detail and ethnographic patterning. Inspiration comes from many sources, including ancient textiles, the work of artisans from around the globe, as well as the beauty found in nature.

Inspired by the intricate floral motifs from Islamic decorative tiles, with an overall Central Asian aesthetic: Samarkand Dress, Madero Reversible Jacket, Las Flores Pinafore


Influenced by the geometric detailing found in Indonesian handwoven textiles: Java TeeNicobar Dress


top photo: Jakarta Post

Subtly patterned in marbled swirls and abstract lace patterns based on decorative papers:
Bolinas Skirt, Paloma Skinny Pants, Lacework Long Tank, Fiorentina Skirt


Inspired by drawings of the Canaan Farm iris garden here at PC headquarters: Sketchbook Floral Dress


Richly detailed in billowy cloud forms from ancient Chinese textiles: Cumulus TunicCloudscape Dress, Tambora Cardigan


top photo: Tina Tabone: Textile Art

Based on the shimmering feathers and patterning of a bird’s plumage: Ariadne Dress, Mirage SheathScarlatti Dress


Striped in bands of color from Andean woven manta motifs, some with cross-cultural influences from traditional Scandinavian and Fair Isle knit patterns:  Ayaviri Striped DressCross-Cultural Pullover, Chinchero CardiganByways CardiganHuaraz Short Skirt, Manta Blanket


Mimicking the delicate lacy patterns from butterfly wings: Lacewing Dress


butterfly wing image: DeviantArt.com

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10 Responses to Fall 2013 Inspiration

  1. NDeFriece@BTES.tv' Nancy DeFriece says:

    Beautiful colors and fabrics, but not stylish–most of your fall line has an outdated look

  2. readingsforlife@gmail.com' kat says:

    Ohh how I drool and Purchase many things from your store.. Unfortunately, I have to take a break from you.. You have recently opened a store in Lincoln Park … Chicago, IL… I just can’t see myself purchase $200-$400 Items knowing that everyone else has purchased the same thing..
    with the price, you’re hoping for an exclusive look.. not what everyone else has..
    looking forward to more purchases in the future..

  3. doctormoyle@yahoo.com' Nancy says:

    Love your fall collection! Lot’s of hemlines to or near the knee, which are easy to wear with boots and tights for someone older than 55. Different dress styles to pick from with patterns that are rich in visual texture and color, true to Peruvian Connection style. Love the t-necks and tanks in great colors and patterns — classics that work year after year. I also know that the extra smalls will fit my 5’4″, 105 lb. frame nicely and not hang on me like a sack, which is unlike many other clothing lines made for adult women. Am currently deciding on my first picks out of my fall catalog!

  4. Cathybenson407@gmail.com' Florida filly says:

    I am looking forward to receiving the Sketchbook Floral dress. I hope the garden will be the inspiration for future designs that include irises and fleur-de-lis.

  5. Rsacrinty@yadtel.net' Rsacrinty says:

    your clothing is classic, and forever. I love the fabrics, the designs. you don’t see this in NC. I look forward to
    wearing your beautiful skirts, dresses, and sweaters. I love your jewelry, purses. I would love to have the
    shoes the models wear. when will you carry shoes, boots??? hope it’s soon.

  6. Praisegirll11@verizon.net' Celeste Cunningham says:

    Thank you for the blog, great communication vehicle between customer and Peruvian Connection. I have to agree in part with first poster Nancy concerning the dated looks in some of your designs. I have been a customer of Peruvian Connection for more than 25 years ( still have ponchos and vests that I wear occasionally) and it was the combination of color, quality and design that attracted and maintained me as a customer. Perhaps you could revise some of your unique earlier designs for your newer customers. The long woven coat with the tiger on the backside and fur border, comes to mind. Also ( and this goes way……back) The gray knitted sweater with alpaca front and back with matching hat, should be attractive to your younger customers. In any event, Peruvian Connection remains among my favorite catalogue stores. I will be in D.C. shortly and plan to visit your Flagship store.

  7. ariesaz@comcast.net' Lesley Lillywhite says:

    Laurels to Peruvian Connection, I have only positive remarks. I received my first catalogue decades ago, & ordered back when I was young & well, scrawny. My purchases from then, are still as stunning as the day I unwrapped them from the box, but are in my cedar chest because it has been me who filled out in the meanwhile. Quality is the emphasis from my story. PC is unique & timeless.

    May I take this opportunity to say I’ve always admired Annie, & her Mother, for creating this matchless clothing line & the business model more people should follow such as cottage industry-support, no child labor, & assistance toward Women, as I have read is a precedent of PC. All of these efforts also promotes the culture & tradition of Peruvian (and other) Women, & it is always interesting to see the inspirations of foreign textiles, tile-work, art, which the PC designs draw from and hence breath Life into the hidden corner cultures of our World.

    Bravo to Ms. Annie, her lovely Mother (now on another journey), & the Peruvian Connection Spirit.

    L.L. Tucson, AZ

  8. joannepratt@post.harvard.edu' Joanne Pratt says:

    You’ve just got to add back the men’s cotton shirts. My husband wears his two constantly and always gets compliments. However, I would love to see him in new patterns.


  9. Pj_lockhart@sbcglobal.net' Pj says:

    The shoes on page 13 – what brand are they? Where can I get them?

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