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It Made Her Cry!

Fiesta Pinafore

I have to laugh when I see our Fiesta Pinafore dress – not because it is funny looking in any way but rather I recall the reaction given to it by our stylist last Spring when she saw it for the first time. Our stylist has many years of experience, working for clients as diverse as California Closets and Vogue en EspaƱol, and her wealth of experience carries significant weight to us. After a long day of showing her dozens of styles in need of revision we finally came to the Fiesta Pinafore. I’m not being dramatic when I say…she actually welled up! A single tear fell. Needless to say, she was pleased with the design and we were thrilled to have finally got it right. We still tease her about to this day.

It’s not too late. There are still some warm days left! Perhaps you will get the same reaction when you wear it.

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