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Petites are InStyle!


Did you know that Peruvian Connection is a great place to find a unique collection of petite styles? InStyle magazine has discovered our secret! We are listed as one of the top 3 design houses to offer creative petite fashions.  Not just your average run-of-the-mill designs, Peruvian Connection applies the same luxury fibers, intricate knit patterns and artisan textile traditions into our petites line as our misses or standard-sizing collection. 

Find your own unique style with these creative petite designs:

Zicatela Sundress
Lacework Dress
Desdemona Dress
Yuma Cardigan
Violeta Dress

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3 Responses to Petites are InStyle!

  1. walden@pooles.plus.com' M W Poole says:

    I think that yoou are forgetting that there are wrinklies who love yr clothes but do not ever wish to bear all their wrinkled skin and would appreciate designs with high necks and sleeves which cover excess arm flab.

  2. noetix@aol.com' Michelle Noe says:

    I have been visiting your catalogues and now your blog. Am surprised to see lots of praise for “craftspeople” but no mentiion of fair trade practices, Is it enough to just buy and sell cool stuff or are you accountable to the employees of the factories which create your products? I am cautious about getting too enthusiastic about your clothing without more info. I would guess you would market your trade policies if you were proud of them… I would hate to contribute to more suffering in this wourld of sweatshop labor just to wear beautiful designer clothing… please respond. Michelle Noe

  3. PC~Amy says:

    Dear Michelle,
    It is very important to all of us at PC that all of the people involved in our production are treated and paid fairly. You can find more information about our policies at http://www.peruvianconnection.com/category/customer+service/about+pc/pc+fair+trade+beliefs.do

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