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Mrs. Miller’s Iris Garden


Most do not know that Peruvian Connection headquarters is located on the private property of Annie and Biddy Hurlbut.  Mother and daughter both grew up on the Canaan Farm homestead and long before Peruvian Connection came into existence, their back yard was well-known for it’s exquisite flower garden.

In fact, the garden was part of the National Iris Society’s tour (at one time).  Biddy’s mother Corinne Miller had approximately 2500 different varieties of iris on the farm and it was her tireless passion to share the floral splendor she had created with not only her friends and loved ones but for anyone needing a tranquil respite from their hectic lives.

Today, Mrs. Miller’s garden is smaller than it once was but it is still as enchanting as ever.  A popular site for painters, photographers and Peruvian Connection employees over their lunch hour, this time of year is the most special as the iris are in all their glory.  I never grow tired of taking pictures of our sacred eden and while it is difficult to do it justice in just one image…I wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy!

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