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August 28, 2014 PC’s Fall statement accessories

Often in nature, the bigger, the brighter and the bolder you are, the more you get noticed.┬áThis season we are going all out with BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD accessories that are sure to get you noticed! BIG floppy hats and … Continue reading

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February 11, 2010 H.E.L.P. Makes Dreams a Reality for Orphans in Malawi

Over one million children in Malawi are without a parent, a home, and an education. Peruvian Connection has joined the efforts of H.E.L.P, a nonprofit organization, to make it possible for these children to make their dreams a reality, by … Continue reading

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October 12, 2007 A Lost Art: Hand Embroidery

I have a weakness for hand-embroidery. It seems it has become a lost art among today’s industrialized manufacturing and usually reserved for larger textiles. However, my appetite for this small handicraft has been appeased by our uncommon collection of embroidered … Continue reading

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