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Hand Crochet: A Stitch In Time


Sometimes in our fast-paced, homogenized, dry-thru, mass-produced world we forget to stop and notice the simple mastery of hand-craftsmanship.  Hand-crochet lace became popular in Europe during the 1800’s but some theorize it evolved from traditional practices from more exotic cultures such as South America.

Every season at Peruvian Connection we showcase a collection of hand-crochet designs uniquely and masterfully crafted by our Peruvian artisans.  Each meticulously crocheted design is a master-work of minute stitches reminiscent of the Old World craftsmanship that fueled its popularity through Europe in the 1800’s.

Take a look at this indelible craft for yourself:
Wine and Roses Cardgian
Savoy Crochet Cardgian
Cabbage Rose Cardigan
Floribunda Pullover
Cottage Cardigan

To find a collection of hand crocheted accessories simply enter the word "crochet" in the key-word search box in the upper right hand corner of the site.

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  1. ewellesley@mcn.org' elizabeth wellesley says:

    Outstandingly beautiful but pricey.

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