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Knitting: Lessons Learned

My first scarf!

(Right – My first scarf!)

If you are like me, after browsing through the beautiful array of art-knits offered at Peruvian Connection, you may become inspired to make something for yourself. I have some hard learned "purls" of wisdom for the new knitter:

Beginner Knitting Tip #1: Make a scarf. A scarf is a practical first choice because one size fits all and it becomes useful in a short amount of time. It’s a low-risk way to hone basic stitches and experiment with new ones as you develop your skill. I recommend a skinny scarf in a stockinnette stitch.

Beginner Knitting Tip #2: Knit something for yourself first. It’s inspiring to wear your own handiwork. Once you’re hooked, you’ll produce more than enough scarves (or hats, or socks) for your friends and relatives.

Beginner Knitting Tip #3: Choose yarn you love. You’ll be looking at it for a long time. Buying cheap yarn to "practice" with is fine but choose spectacular yarn for your project and you will stay motivated and actually wear what you make.

Beginner Knitting Tip #4: Heed this cautionary tale. A friend asked a yarn store clerk to help her pick out the perfect yarn for her first scarf project. When she got to the register with two lovely skeins, her bill was over $70! She was too embarrassed to tell the enthusiastic clerk she no longer wanted it.

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  1. faraonat22@hotmail.com' Natassa says:

    Fantastic work my dear.I love to knit ,to crochet,to needleweaving everywhere.i post in my blog ”peruvianconnection”.I love it and i have all their catalogs.

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