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Last minute knitting


(Right – a holiday gift knitted with strips of fabric)

There is just something special about handmade presents. Every year around this time, I’m inspired to knit scarves for holiday gifts. And every year, I barely have enough time to knit one scarf, let alone several…but this year I’ve discovered a simple, fun, and fast technique: knitting with strips of fabric instead of yarn. I “discovered” this technique on Thanksgiving when I was at my parents’ house without yarn or needles. I was yearning to knit. The urge was so strong that I sent my brother-in-law to Walmart for knitting needles (“the largest you can find” – he brought back size 17, about 1/2-inch in diameter). Mom provided some cotton blend fabric, and my 6-year-old nephew helped tear it into 3/4-inch strips. I tied each strip together at the ends and rolled it into a ball. After a couple false starts, I found that a simple rib stitch worked best for the material. In about 3 hours (maybe less because of snack breaks), I knitted a surprisingly soft, lofty, and warm scarf. Mom sent me home with more fabric and a request for a knitted vest.

One note about this technique: it takes a lot of fabric! Two yards roughly completes a 4-foot square area. It’s a great way to use up fabric that’s gathering dust, plus create treasured gifts…in time for the holidays.

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