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The Architecture of Art-Knits

Handknit Corset Tunic

"Ornamentation is the principal part of architecture, considered as a subject of fine art."
John Ruskin, True and Beautiful – Sculpture

There are times when I am fortunate enough to see the elemental design graphics for our art-knit masterpieces while still on the drawing board.   I cannot help but appreciate not only the artistic talents of our designers but also the ability to design architecturally a wearable piece of art. 

Lacing Back Detail For example, our Handknit Corset Tunic is exceptionally difficult to render as the front exhibits a knit latticework pattern with hand embroidered climbing vines and flowers.  The bas-relief dimensional cabling reminds me of the sculptural temple carvings seen in Indian architecture. Just as those impressive stone works exhibit the talent of its designer and the masterwork of the stone mason, each meticulous stitch of our knit sculpture was also mapped and crafted by gifted hands.

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  1. lindaverbeke@gmail.com' linda verbeke says:

    this was a wonderful informational blog and i am going to follow it regularly. i used to knit but have not done so for a while and now i am inspired again! thanks, L

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