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Wanderlust: the nomadic spirit behind Peruvian Connection

by guest blogger, Julie

It’s an inherent fire that burns deep inside every human, the need to discover, to explore, to crack open our world and experience. We’re globetrotters by design – the lucky ones act on this sixth sense getting their hands dirty and backpacking the world, finding hidden civilizations, undiscovered paradise and untapped wonders. Others of us don’t have the free-spirited luxury of throwing caution to the wispy winds and setting sail on life-changing adventures, no matter how white-hot the passion. Fortunately for all, this nomadic spirit to seek out and drink in the world is what Peruvian Connection does best.Fotor0327103553
Design sketch of the Yuma Cardigan inspirational sketches and yarn colors

This Spring, more than ever, the inspiration drawn from far apart places, distant cultures, tribal art and artifacts has been undeniably strong. The world is busting at our seams and the Spring 2014 designs are beaming with global charisma. With this unshakeable urge to explore the world that swallows us, ethnographic patterns are splashed against simple silhouettes, eye-grabbing colors are tamed by timid threads, striking a harmonious balance. The play between texture and geometrics forces the garment to grab you and take you far away from where you are.Fotor0327105321
The design process as it evolves; Painted Desert Cardigan

From Mughal Empire carvings that have been beautifully translated into the stunningly statuesque Agra Dress, to Persian Scrollwork-inspired tunics, and the Ucayali Poncho that lives on the “Fringe”, our Wanderlust collection is a well-worn tapestry of travels. When you slip on that skirt and cinch it slightly around your waist, you’ll without a doubt hear the beat of the land from which it hailed. No longer will you be standing in your closet staring at garments swaying to-and-fro on mismatched hangers, you’ll be engulfed in a United Nations of exotic embellishments, colors, textures, and patterns ready to escort you to whatever far-off happy place your heart desires. No passport required!Fotor0327115558


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