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Modeling and Mariachi

We are really excited about our first ever Summer catalog and the addition of a 4th collection to our design house. As a preview to the season please enjoy a small clip from our Oaxaca, Mexico photo shoot.   We hired a local Mariachi band for some of the shots and were delighted when they began to perform as the photographer took pictures of the model.  A little grainy but certainly fun to watch.

¡Viva México!

Newport Dess
Pima Cotton Newport Dress

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3 Responses to Modeling and Mariachi

  1. KAY.CAISE@GSA.GOV' Kaye Caise says:

    I love your clothes line – It’s beautiful!! But, quite frankly, i’m tired of Mexico, and all that that implies.

  2. shiriain@uwclub.net' S.Stewart says:

    I have enjoyed these clothes in the past but oh they are so expensive – it is perhaps due to so much spent on the catalogues and filming them?

  3. mcgomez@ucdavis.edu' C. Gomez says:

    Thank you PC for contextualizing the textiles in some of the cultures where either the artisans or the inspiration for the designs come from. It is a pleasure for me to look at your catalogues, whether set in Peru, Mexico, or Turkey. As a South American, I am pleased that an American company is, for once, making a connection between where the materials and the talented artisans come from and what you show in some of your catalogues. If I could add a suggestion, it’d be to incorporate at least one local model from the places where you are shooting.

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