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A skirt to die for.


Normally we would not be flattered if our skirt was upon the body of a murder victim and dumped along with her into the cold ocean depths.  But when PC is worn by the latest corpse in Patricia Cornwell’s book “The Bone Bed”, we’re happy to be the fashion victim.

In chapter 15, Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta tracks a killer as she examines the body:
“…like ragged transparent gauze loose around her sallow dead skin. Did she rip off her hose mid-thigh? If so, why? Or did someone else do it?The same person who stapled the skirt around the waistband and arranged jewelry so it wouldn’t fall off the body and be lost. Like the jacket, the skirt is distinctive, quite stylish, constructed of two jersey layers that flow into a raw-edged handkerchief hem, Peruvian Connection, size six. I spread it on the sheet to dry as Marino resumes reminiscing about our early days together in Richmond, when apparently he became quite the treasure hunter…”
Scarpetta fans will soon know the answer to the mysterious killing.  Our internal investigations lead us to believe the victim wore our lovely Oyster Bay Skirt before she met her untimely death.

Again we are mentioned in chapter 25, when Scarpetta investigates the closet contents of a plane crash victim:
“…I see nothing to indicate she made any effort to be alluring or attractive beyond what the dentist did to her, and I suspect she was talked into those procedures.

“No Tulle or Audrey Marybeth or Peruvian Connection, not a single label like that.” I look at a men’s outback hat box, thick with dust, on the closet floor, PHOTOGRAPHS printed in neat block letters on the lid. “Most of her clothing is size eight or ten, not size six. I’d like to open this.”

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