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Out the Back Door: Holiday Inspirations

The inspiration behind some of our Holiday 2013 prints took us to far-flung places spanning oceans and even decades, while others didn’t take us further than the backyard!  Take a peek at how we re-imagined real-world objects into wearable landscapes…

Moroccan Tile New

Sometimes you need to travel to far-away lands! The ornate stylized designs in Morocco have inspired countless patterns here at Peruvian Connection.  In our Holiday collection, we were especially thrilled about this fanciful Moroccan scrollwork painted on ceramic tiles.   We colored it and played with different fabrics ranging from printed jerseys to velveteen and devoré—and then re-colored it some more!


Other times you need a little fancy paper!  For these lacy-print pants, we started with a pattern inspired by this lavish gold-leaf paper, then “ate away” at the print for an abstracted, decayed lace look.  We loved this print on the Paloma Pants so much that we reinvented it on the bohemian Bolinas Skirt.


Then sometimes time-travel is the only way!  For our Antique Scrolls Tee, we drew from the ornate aesthetic found in 18th century Romanticism. We gave it a contemporary look by making it more graphic and using rich jewel-tone coloring.


And sometimes all you need is to look out the back door!  If you didn’t know by now, the Peruvian Connection headquarters sit on a gorgeous landscaped farm, complete with chickens and all!  The print on our Sketchbook Dress was created from images and drawings of garden flowers in our very own back yard. Then we layered on washes of watercolor to bring you this artsy, close-to-home print!

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  1. ladeanekelley@gmail.com' LaDeane A. Kelley says:

    I am looking forward to my Bergama Cardigan arriving as soon as possible. I admit to enjoy turning heads and gathering compliments.

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