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Fashion Q & A

Got a fashion question? Ask away! We’re happy to help!

Have you ever stood in front of your closet wishing you had your own personal Rachel Zoe to do your fashion thinking for you? Well, we’re here to help. Our goal this month is to help all of you who may be wondering how to easily update your wardrobe, keep warm in the winter without sacrificing style… or whatever else may have you stumped. Here are a few examples of some recent questions we’ve received:

Q: How can I accessorize and spruce up some of my PC basics I have purchased in prior seasons?

A: Accessories can go a long way when transforming an outfit. For


Rib T-Shirt $49, Corset Belt $139

example, belting a sweater at your waist can change the look of it, as can pairing a bold necklace or earrings with your outfit. For a shorter sweater, I’d suggest a skinny belt, but for a tunic, wear a wider belt. A bright color or printed scarf always brings life to an outfit.

Q: How can I dress up my office clothes to make them work for evenings and the holiday party season?

A: OK, let’s take your standard black dress. For evening affairs accessorize with a new clutch and dramatic earrings or a statement necklace. If you’re daring, wear all three! Take the same dress and throw a sharp blazer or a colorful cardigan over top for a more work-appropriate outfit.

Q: Thanksgivings at our house tend to be pretty dressy. What can I get that will also take me through the holidays?

A: How about a pair of tuxedo pants? Dressier than your basic black trousers but also neutral enough to wear multiple times without running the risk of being a repeat-fashion offender, tuxedo pants are super versatile. Wear them with a crisp white shirt and a dressy belt to Thanksgiving and then with a sparkly top for parties.

Winter10_06B-097_highres copy

Forsyte Jacket $499, Forsyte Trousers $199

Q: I have a beautiful silk maxi-skirt I bought last year. What can I get to go with it to make me seem on trend this fall?

A: You’re in luck! Maxi-skirts are very much in style this fall. Our favorite part about maxi-skirts are 1. They look great with flat boots and kitten-heel pumps (a dream come true for your feet!) 2. They keep your legs warm during the winter. We suggest wearing the long skirt with a sweater that hits at the waist to avoid looking like you’re drowning in fabric.

Q: What kind of styles/silhouettes do you recommend for curvy, full figures?

A: I would recommend some of PC’s beautiful cardigans and knit jackets, any of our wrap dresses as well as our knit below-the-knee skirts–for example, the Modernist Cardigan, Lenox Cardigan, Summer Storm Cardigan, Ventana Jacket, Allegra Skirt, Manouba Skirt, Dilavato Skirt, Bias Pima Skirt, Dulcet Skirt.

Q: What Peruvian Connection colors are considered “cool tone”, “warm tone”, “neutral”, etc?

Winter10_08A-017_highres copy

Botticelli Dress $129

A: Cool tones (blues, greens, purples) in PC color names would be Teal, Regent Purple, Dusk Blue, Forest, Sea Mist, Blue Oxide, Steel Blue, Greenery.

Examples of warm tones (yellows, reds, browns, oranges) in PC’s palette are Cabernet, Potpourri, Red Earth, Plum Oxide, Brandy Oxide, Cognac, Tierra, Cayenne, Espresso.

Winter10_39A-053_highres copy

Totem Henley $169, Totem Skirt $149

Neutrals are Oxford Grey, Charcoal, Snowdrift, Oatmeal, Eggshell. 

Coordinating with your skin tone is most crucial when picking makeup colors. That’s not to say that some colors look better with certain skin tones and hair colors than others. For example, pales colors such a light pinks, ivory and taupe look great on darker skin tones. Rich browns, navy and deep reds are stunning against a pale complexion. Jewel tones (emerald, purple, navy, mustard) look amazing with all skin tones.

PC uses lots of blended colors which are very well balanced by mixing cools, warms and neutrals in a fabulous way that works great for anyone!

Send us your questions and comments: we would love to hear from you!  Visit our Facebook page to post your most baffling fashion quandaries and see the fashion solutions we’ve provided to other fans.

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