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Give ’em the Boot

It’s the question we hear every week in our call center: where do I find the fabulous boots shown in your catalog?  While we’re more than happy to provide a list of our stylist’s designer choices, they can be hard to find and hard on the budget.

In this week’s latest round of nasty weather across the country, boots can be the best footwear choice to combat the cold while still looking great.  The good news is that most are on sale…in limited supply!

If you want a look like with Fall’s Santiago Jacket, the chestnut-hued, buckle-tab, knee-high style modeled is from Barbara Bui.  A more affordable similar style is available from Nine West (in limited sizes).

With our Bloomwood Skirt in Holiday the stylist chose lace-up boots from Marc Jacobs.  A similar style is offered by Saks, Bluefly or Zappos.

The stunning chocolate suede ankle boots with our Picture Perfect Coat or Vintage T-neck Dress in Holiday are from Christian Louboutin (as shown by the trademark red sole!) An affordable option is offered by Steve Madden, or splurge on Bluefly’s Gucci booties.

The classic knee-high brown boots on several pages in our Holiday catalog, including with the Condor Dress and  Allegra Pima Skirt, are from Michael Kors.  The Frye Company makes similar classic styles, or a similar Michael Kors style is offered on Zappos.

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46 Responses to Give ’em the Boot

  1. dweinman@q.com' Diane Weinman says:

    I’m looking for the boots in the new Fall Collection Catalog on page 43-D. Can you please help me find them. Thank you, Diane

  2. Pamelaburger@verizon.net' Pam says:

    Please let me know where I can get the boots worn by model on front cover of fall catalog.

  3. martha.garner@us.pwc.com' Mattie says:

    I’m interested in the boots on p. 3 of the Fall 2013 catalog. Can you tell me who makes them? Thank you!

  4. Beverleyabrown@gmail.com' Beverley says:

    In the September 2013 catalogue (UK) could you let me know who makes the red shoes on p22 (worn with the marielle tank dress) and the loafers on p10 (worn with the pointelle rib cardigan). I am regularly in the US and very keen to complete my outfits …
    Many thanks

    • administrator@peruvianconnection.com' admin says:

      They are both made by Steve Madden, a style called Vegass. The brown ones on p.10 were dyed to match the outfit, as we had a hard time finding just the right chestnut brown shade.

  5. gphrah@msn.com' Gaye Hooper says:

    I’m interested in the fringe boots on page 28 in the September 2013.

  6. Pshohl@mail.com' Patricia Hohl says:

    Would you please tell me who makes the boots on page 39 of your Holiday 2013 catalog? Thank you.(Also seen on pg. 38).

  7. rcon5647@gmail.com' Richard Contreras says:

    Just got your Holiday 2013 catalog. Will be ordering skirt and jacket for my girl… but I am interesting in finding the boots that your model is wearing on page 20, they appear to be short brown slouch type boots with belted strap around them….can you please let me know who makes them.

  8. kukubocha@hotmail.com' Doyle says:

    Just got the Fall 2013 catalog. Beautiful, as always. Please tell me where you got the shoes on p. 13, the lace-up ones.

  9. Ssbshop101@gmail.com' Summer Girl says:

    I’m interested in finding the tall boots on page 44 and 45 of the September catalog. These look like two different styles but I love them both!

  10. bahmann@bahmann.eu' Eike Bahmann says:

    I like the shoes in the small German catalogue “Zum Fest 2013” on page 9. The red ones which go with the lovely Marilyn Partydress red/black. Can you tell me, where I can get them?

  11. Ssbshop101@gmail.com' Summer Girl says:

    I would like to know who makes the boots on page 44 of the September catalog. They look great!

  12. warnerj@cybermesa.com' Suzie says:

    where do I find the loafer shoes on pg 41 of your fall catalog

  13. sasha@tiscali.co.za' Andrea says:

    Where do I find the ankle boots on p.19 with the Miranda Lace Dress, and with the Edwardian Lace Dress on p.51?

  14. sasha@tiscali.co.za' Andrea says:

    Where do I find the ankle boots on p.19 with the Miranda Lace Dress, and with the Edwardian Lace Dress on p.51 of the Fall 2013 catalogue?

  15. kb9vtparrl@att.net' Lashley says:

    Always such beautiful clothes…and shoes! Very happy that I found this blog as I have admired the shoes/boots in your catalog for a long time. Would love to find out about the boots on page 20 (A), paired with the Tweed Military Jacket / Haworth Skirt in the November 2013 catalog. Thank you for your help.

  16. rmlesman@hotmail.com' Mary Lesman says:

    Where do I find the ankle boots pictured on 41D in the November 2013 catalog? Thanks!

  17. mandinny@gmail.com' Amanda says:

    I’d love to know who made the boots on page 44 of your 2013 holiday catalog….

    Thanks for any help you can give!

  18. aheilman889@gmail.com' Alex says:

    Who makes the boots on page 25 of the 2013 holiday catalogue, with the Anatolian coat? Thank you

  19. Calico1062@gmail.com' Christine Black-Reimel says:

    Hello… I’m wondering where I can locate the boots shown in your Winter 2013 catalogue on pages #20 (Tweed Military Jacket/Haworth Skirt)… Same pair is also on page 29 (San Cristobal Tunic- which I also love :)).

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

  20. heydmlj@netzero.com' Laurie says:

    Where can I find the ankle boots on page 28 of the Spring 2014 shown with the Iztapa stripe tee?

  21. kazoo_1994@rocketmail.com' Ruth says:

    Where do I find the boots in the Spring 2014 catalogue on pg.45 on the model wearing the Slow Current Dress?

  22. mostlie@cameron.k12.wi.us' Mary Ostlie says:

    I am looking for the boots and sandles from the new 2014 Spring collection. Specifically — boots pg 20, boots pg 8, boots pg 6, sandals pg 50, sandals pg 37. THANKS!!

    • sudlow@peruvianconnection.com' PCAmy says:

      Hi Mary,
      Glad you like the shoes and boots! The boots on p. 6 are Belle by Sigerson Morrison, p. 8 boots are Freebird by Steve Madden, p. 20 boots are Rag & Bone, sandals p. 37 are BDG, and the red wedges on p. 50 are by Jean Michel Cazabat. Happy shopping!

  23. azerbe77@windstream.net' Amanda says:

    I am looking for the ankle strap heels worn by the model in the moonshadow dress (letter A) page 18 of the April 2014 issue. PLEASE and THANKS!!

  24. medasho@gmail.com' Maura Dasho says:

    New Fall catalog page 18….the BLACK SUEDE SLOUCH BOOTS!!!! Who makes those? One pair looks mid-calf and those on the model of the Donatella dress appear to be knee high?

    • sudlow@peruvianconnection.com' PCAmy says:

      Hi Maura, The black suede slouch boots are made by L’Autre Chose as well. We used 2 different colors, and 2 different shaft heights, and all were fantastic!

  25. medasho@gmail.com' Maura Dasho says:

    Hi again, the black suede pull on boots on page 18 with the Donatella dress are not featured at L’Autre Chose.

    Their customer service is trying to be helpful but I did not have a name for the boot. In your recent blog on boots you indeed feature L’Autre Chose, but the boots on the model you feature (the shorties) have a strap across them…which is not featured on the actual picture of the L’Autre Chose boot. The black suede pull on boots are not featured or mentioned on the blog at all. Thanks again.

    • sudlow@peruvianconnection.com' PCAmy says:

      Hi Maura,
      Our notes were that those boots were from L’Autre Chose, but it was most likely from a collection they had last year. Since we shoot our catalogs several months in advance, we’re usually buying shoes from the previous year. Sorry they’re so hard to find. You might try Ebay, as they’d be most likely to have them if from a previous year. Good luck!

  26. mlothomas@yahoo.com' Marjorie Thomas says:

    I love the boots on p.14 of the 2014 Winter Catalog shown with the Pub Coat. Can you tell me who makes them?

    Thank you,


  27. mcenglish@cox.net' Mary says:

    When can I find the shoes on page 16 of your spring 2015 catalogue? Thx

  28. casmadden@yahoo.com' Joe Madden says:

    Hi, my girl friend love the shoes in Peruvian Connection’s March 2015 catalog, P.51. Can you identify them? Where to find them etc.?

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