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PC Unveils its Remodeled Retail Store in Santa Fe

PC has reopened its beautifully remodeled store in Santa Fe, NM.   Occupying the corner of Guadalupe and Montezuma Streets, in the heart of the revitalized Railyard District, the store features our newest offerings from the current season.
Aiming to visually transport PC brand devotees to a 19th century ethnographer’s study, replete with Victorian wallpapers, well-worn furnishings, old photographs and  intriguing objects—vestiges of years of travel to exotic places–the store provides the perfect context for PC’s cross-culturally influenced collections of apparel and accessories
Santa Fe, the oldest capital city in North America, and at 7000 ft., the highest, has been home to Peruvian Connection retail since 1994, but PC customers and others will now have an irresistible reason to pay another visit to the store.
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