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The bohemian romance of Prague


Art Nouveau train station in Prague

Boho-chic has been a reoccurring trend in fashion for years. The look is most often associated with a sort of care-free hippie style of dressing (think Janice Joplin and/or the Olsen twins) but where does exactly does the term come from? Historically speaking, the original “bohemians” were travelers or refugees from Central Europe who dressed themselves in whatever materials they could scrounge up, hence the layered nature of this look. Prague was considered the center of Bohemia and also the location of our Holiday 2010 catalogue shoot.  See the “Nouveau Boho” looks from our latest collection online now, and enjoy the history and romance of Prague with a few snapshots from our shoot:


canal in Prague


Musicians on St. Charles Bridge


Fresco in Chotesov chapel


A cloudy day along the Vltava River


boating on the Vltava


Decorative grate in train station

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