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The Colors of Peruvian Connection

At Peruvian Connection, ethnographic inspiration from the diverse patterns, costumes and textiles of global cultures is essential to our unique vision. We are equally in love with color, and anything with beautiful colorations can spark an idea. We are most inspired by the authenticity of weathered shades, and we carefully duplicate these as part of our large and beautiful palette of Peruvian pima cotton and alpaca yarns.  All are dyed to our specifications, so that we can have as large a kaleidoscope of colors to use in our designs, as an artist would use a paint box.


We love the way plant-dyed yarns subtly fade over time: the cochineal reds used in ancient Aymara textiles, ranging from pinks to deepest crimson, are a core part of the palette.


For blues, we look to indigo: from everyday denim blue to the intricate hues of vintage Kasuri kimonos and the patchwork tones of Boro textiles.


We are especially fond of the subtleties in the range of alpaca yarns from purest ivory to brown and black and every shade in between: these natural colors produce the most environmentally friendly yarns in our palette.


Each new season begins when we look at all of our yarns and tweak our color palette by adding or subtracting colors here or there to reflect the mood for the season, based on the inspiration boards our design team creates.


Playing with yarn windings and trying different combinations of colors by knitting or crocheting swatches, twisting colors together to make marls, or even wrapping little cards to create new stripes based on inspiration boards – these are the starting points to each and every design.


Our color palette is purposefully large to be able to produce the subtle colorations and marls that are essential to our eclectic style. Our art knit pieces such as our Winter Forest Vest and Pima Cotton Ukuku Vest may use as many as forty colors in various yarns and colors to create the subtle nuances of texture and hue that our customers appreciate and love.

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